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“Istudy2 was founded by a group of dedicated teachers based in Asia who have  got together to deliver Top Class lessons”.

Our system is a fully interactive classroom with video and interactive whiteboard. Our aim is to build one of the best online schools catering for students in Cambodia-Thailand and surrounding regions. In fact, you could be in South America and we can schedule a time to study that works for everyone.

Our Business English coaches have many years’ experience in managing and running their own businesses. They are very knowledgeable in the ever changing world of business and can teach you about digital marketing, presentation techniques and even coach you in interview skills so you can land your dream job.


Istudy2 is a dedicated online learning platform with a fully interactive interface catering for students mainly in Cambodia and Thailand.

In the current climate of the COVID- 19 many institutions are being closed down. Students are now in a situation of “ Where do we go”. Here at Istudy2 we have solved that problem.

Most of our classes are 1 on 1 private with a fully qualified  instructor and in the safety and comfort of your home home it is just like having a teacher in your living room.

After taking our “FREE placement test” we will have a better understanding of how we can help you. If you add to this after assesing your skills we will also make an appointment and have a telephone conversation with you to assess your spoken English. This then enables us to create the course around what you need.

We deal with students mainly in Asia but with our platform allows us to accommodate you wherever you are.

We have teachers who are experts in Ielts- Toefl and Business English who are dedicated to helping you get the results that you want.


Thailand Office

Phone: +66 (0879793606)
Email: istudy222@gmail.com

Cambodia Office

Phone: +66 (879793606)
Email: isudy222@gmail.com



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